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After Ethereum: 4 Cryptocurrency Candidates for Mining

Beginners to the world of cryptocurrencies are often confused about what coins to mine, whether to mine solo or in pools, which equipment to purchase, and more. With all these factors to consider, it’s easy to forget about one of the most important components of mining for cryptocurrency: the coin itself! As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, choosing the right coin or token can be just as important as choosing the right pool or mining setup, so we’re here to help you choose your next coin investment with this article on 4 cryptocurrency candidates for mining after Ethereum.

After Ethereum 4 Cryptocurrency Candidates for Mining

1) NEO

Neo and Cardano are high-potential cryptos. They are high risk with the potential to offer a high reward, so get informed before making any investment decisions. Terra Luna crypto is promising because they have recently released a platform and video game, though they are small and not as advanced as some of the other candidates on this list. NEX crypto is another promising crypto worth investigating in the future. Yield Crypto is new and hasn't been around very long.

2) Lisk

Lisk, a cryptocurrency focused on providing users with an easy way to create blockchain applications in JavaScript, was created during the first wave of cryptocurrencies and is now trading at about $14.95 (at the time of writing). It was ranked as the 21st most popular cryptocurrency in December 2017 by Coinmarketcap, yet Lisk's popularity as a cryptocurrency may still be lagging behind many of its competitors. 

It is important to consider your risk appetite when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Candidates for Mining

3) Waves

Waves Platform is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain, created to allow any individual or organization to launch their own crypto token. Waves offers an effortless way of managing a crypto portfolio and exchange crypto assets at the same time with fiat money and bitcoins.

Nex Crypto and Yield Crypto are also great cryptocurrency mining choices after Ethereum if you have some free time and enjoy decentralization, along with other cryptocurrency communities like Terra Luna Crypto, Coinmarkets, and Cryptonews.

4) NEM

One cryptocurrency to keep an eye on after Ethereum is NEM. Yem cryptocurrency,nex crypto,yield crypto,terra luna crypto,cryptonews,cryptos,crypto bubbles,crypto trader,cryptocoin,crypto invest,coinmarkets has a strong foundation and promising future.