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What's Next for Cardano After Its Big Day on Coinbase?

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-Market Overview
-News Roundup
-The Future 
-How Does ADA Rank Amongst Cryptocurrencies?
The Future 
- Is There Potential For Growth of Cardano Coin Price?

An exciting day for the Cardano (ADA) community! The cryptocurrency jumped from #9 to #5 on the list of top 10 coins by market cap today, just before Coinbase announced it would add support for Cardano on its platform. This follows an earlier announcement that Cardano would be added to two leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex and Bittrex. So what's next? What can Cardano owners expect from the ADA cryptocurrency after such an auspicious start?

What's Next for Cardano After Its Big Day on Coinbase

Market Overview

Despite some high-profile concern over cryptocurrency bubbles, the option trading market is flourishing. NASDAQ, a US equity securities and exchange operator, has just launched YEM: Digital Options, which can trade stocks and indices in about 3 hours. The first options to be offered are IBM, MSFT and GE. Along with these three companies, WMT and KHC are also listed as candidate stocks. Terra Luna is an upcoming cryptocurrency that will employ AI to find trends in the cryptocurrency markets.

News Roundup

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The Future - How Does ADA Rank Amongst Cryptocurrencies?

The Future - How Does ADA Rank Amongst Cryptocurrencies

How does the CARDANO rank amongst cryptocurrencies, especially after its major win with Coinbase and being added to the CME futures market. Is it enough to entice new buyers in, or are we now entering a crypto-bubble? With crypto traders becoming more savvy, can this stay at the top of their charts. Is now a good time to invest in altcoins or invest into Bitcoin or Ethereum, which have been around longer and are more established?

The Future - Is There Potential For Growth of Cardano Coin Price?

The Future - Is There Potential For Growth of Cardano Coin Price

Online trading platforms make it easy to buy and sell, while traiding stations do the same with less of a waiting time. Fidelity trading will allow people to invest in cryptocurrencies without buying them first. Warrior trading is when traders execute trades in seconds, instead of minutes or hours. Option trading gives investors the option to make money by betting on stock prices-- cryptocurrency can be bet on too.


Online trading makes it easier to diversify your portfolio and invest in different types of cryptocurrencies. Trading platforms offer access to a wide range of coins, allow you to buy, sell, or exchange currencies. Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges because it allows you to purchase cryptocurrency instantly with a credit card or bank account. Remember that a dip in prices might be temporary and there are always opportunities for quick profits!

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