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Why Ethereum's Upgrades are Crypto Investors' Radically New Heights

 Why Ethereum's Upgrades are Crypto Investors' Radically New Heights

What many cryptocurrency investors might not know, however, is that this radical new upgrade will take Ethereum’s capabilities beyond being just another cryptocoin and make it into something much more revolutionary: the first decentralized computer capable of running DApps. While the importance of such an upgrade might not be immediately obvious to all crypto traders, it’s something that any investor in this space needs to know about in order to benefit from some of the huge potential it holds.

Why Ethereum's Upgrades are Crypto Investors' Radically New Heights

How To Scale Ethereum

Crypto traders use cryptocoins to invest in, buy, or sell cryptocoins. Their exchange is much more radical than Wall Street which just tracks stocks. Coinbase is a website that allows you to trade cryptocurrency coins through their pool so people don't have to set up a wallet and do everything manually. Coinmarkets is another website that only tracks cryptocurrencies with market caps over $1 million.

Sharding - Breaking Down Blockchains

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, sharding is a big word. And as the markets of cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum boom, it's important to get educated on how they work. Sharding will be responsible for overhauling how the underlying blockchain works and is necessary in order to scale up its capacity in terms of transactions. Crypto traders, cryptocoins, crypto invests: sharding has your back when you're thinking about making a jump into the market.

Sharding - Breaking Down Blockchains

Plasma - Truly Decentralized Exchanges

# Plasma, a second-layer blockchain, has been gaining traction in recent months as a way to bolster the current Ethereum protocol and provide more efficient scaling. The planned implementation of Plasma not only looks to reduce congestion on the network, but also provides crypto traders and investors with new decentralized exchanges that drastically cut costs for coinmarkets across the world.

Casper - Proof of Stake Done Right

Casper, coming in 2018, will bring blockchain technology a giant leap closer to mainstream acceptance with its game-changing proof of stake protocol. Rather than struggling to mine coins via computationally intensive puzzles, as Bitcoin does now, investors who store some of their coins on the blockchain in return for certain privileges and a chance at better returns (the rate of which is set by each node owner) would instead be eligible to vote on which cryptocoins get mined and how often.

Token Economics 101

Nowadays, every crypto trader wants to make their cryptocoin investments as profitable as possible. But how does one decide what is the best coin to invest in? Some experts say that investing in ICOs has become the most lucrative approach for those looking to earn a quick profit from their cryptocurrency. Others claim the key is accumulating tokens or coins of a project that has clear potential for growth and which has been around long enough for its value to rise.

The SEC, ICOs and Tokens

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) emerged as a cryptocurrency phenomenon, but as recent securities fraud cases illustrate, ICOs can be expensive endeavors. A major difference between the SEC and other agencies is that the SEC does not consider any cryptoassets to be securities. In contrast, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued an investor alert in November of 2017 about ICOs.

Vitalik Buterin - The Star Behind it All

A few years ago, there was no such thing as crypto trader,cryptocoin, or crypto invest. But, in the fall of 2013, something totally new started to happen - Vitalik Buterin wrote a white paper which introduced his ideas on decentralizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. A couple of years later in 2016 he created the foundations for a computing system that could scale with ease and meet the demands of Big Corporates.